Yichun He

I'm a 4th year Ph.D. candidate at Harvard SEAS and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. I'm fortunate to be advised by Prof. Jia Liu and Prof. Xiao Wang. I received my B.E. in Electrical Engineering from University of Science and Technology of China.

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Most of my research focuses on exploring biological systems encompassing molecular features, cell identities, tissue structures, and functions through the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in spatial omics.

Representative papers are highlighted. # Co-first authors; * Corresponding authors.

Spatial Atlas of the Mouse Central Nervous System at Molecular Resolution
Hailing Shi#, Yichun He#, Yiming Zhou#, Jiahao Huang, Kamal Maher, Brandon Wang, Zefang Tang, Shuchen Luo, Peng Tan, Morgan Wu, Zuwan Lin, Jingyi Ren, Yaman Thapa, Xin Tang, Ken Y. Chan, Benjamin E. Deverman, Hao Shen, Albert Liu, Jia Liu* & Xiao Wang*
Nature, 2023
Cover and Perspective highlight in Nature as part of collection for whole mouse brain spatial atlas, "BRAIN Initiative Cell Census Network 2.0 – Whole Mouse Brain".
Google Map of the Mouse Brain at Molecular Resolution.

Multimodal charting of molecular and functional cell states via in situ electro-seq
Qiang Li#, Zuwan Lin#, Ren Liu#, Xin Tang#, Jiahao Huang, Yichun He, Xin Sui, Weiwen Tian, Hao Shen, Haowen Zhou, Hao Sheng, Hailing Shi, Ling Xiao, Xiao Wang*, Jia Liu*
Cell, 2023
Cover highlight in Cell
Perspective highlight in Nature Methods

Multi-task learning for single-cell multi-modality biology
Xin Tang#, Jiawei Zhang#, Yichun He#, Xinhe Zhang, Zuwan Lin, Sebastian Partarrieu, Emma Bou Hanna, Zhaolin Ren, Hao Shen, Yuhong Yang, Xiao Wang, Na Li, Jie Ding* & Jia Liu*
Nature Communications, 2023
Editor highlights in Biotechnology and Methods and Computational Science.

Spatiotemporally resolved transcriptomics reveals the subcellular RNA kinetic landscape
Jingyi Ren#, Haowen Zhou#, Hu Zeng#, Connie Kangni Wang, Jiahao Huang, Xiaojie Qiu, Xin Sui, Qiang Li, Xunwei Wu, Zuwan Lin, Jennifer A. Lo, Kamal Maher, Yichun He, Xin Tang, Judson Lam, Hongyu Chen, Brian Li, David E. Fisher, Jia Liu & Xiao Wang*
Nature Methods, 2023

ClusterMap for multi-scale clustering analysis of spatial gene expression
Yichun He#, Xin Tang#, Jiahao Huang, Jingyi Ren, Haowen Zhou, Kevin Chen, Albert Liu, Hailing Shi, Zuwan Lin, Qiang Li, Abhishek Aditham, Johain Ounadjela, Emanuelle I. Grody, Jian Shu, Jia Liu* & Xiao Wang*
Nature Communications, 2021
Research develops new way to map RNAs in the cell.

Soft bioelectronics for cardiac interfaces
Xin Tang#, Yichun He# Jia Liu*,
Biophysics Reviews, 2022
Controlling organoid symmetry breaking uncovers an excitable system underlying human axial elongation
Giridhar M. Anand, Heitor C. Megale, Sean H. Murphy, Theresa Weis, Zuwan Lin, Yichun He, Xiao Wang, Jia Liu, Sharad Ramanathan*
Cell, 2023

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